Training, teaching, counselling – this is what Talking Hands stands for and is known for.

Maryna Langenhoven created the company, Talking Hands, in 1995 as a direct result of acquiring a contract with the SABC to produce a weekly television programme for deaf children.

As a natural outflow of 27 years of experience in both the local and international television industry, Maryna now started specializing in television training, focusing mostly on production assistants.

The love of and passion for training and teaching have now also branched out into colour therapy for teenagers, counselling (mediation) sessions with mothers and their teenage children, extra Afrikaans lessons, life skill training for teenagers and general counselling and advice sessions.

Maryna is currently in the process of registering with a Seta as an assessor.

Corporate videos and the adaption of existing videos to incorporate Sign Language is high on the agenda to keep in touch with the latest technology, get the creative juices flowing and to add to the data bank of human experience.